Polysoil D150

 Armour Stabilization Polysoil D150

Armour Stabilization Polysoil D150 is a 100% South African developed non-toxic liquid Soil Stabilizer based on an existing polymer technology, which through aggressive Research and Development, resulted in a greatly improved formulation and a superior product specifically designed for the Roads Industry.

Regardless of the material grading (G1 – G10) Armour Stabilizer can be used on soils with a P.l. ranging from ‘Slightly Plastic’ without modification to achieve results in excess of minimum required Road Construction Standards. The soil is tested for compatibility in out Laboratory and recommendations are made Once stabilized, a traditional seal – Chip and Spray, Double Seal, Cape Seal, Premix, Asphalt or a Clear Seal can be applied The process to construct 1km x 6m wide road using the Armour Stabilizer Polysoil D150 method – from ripping the roadbed to a finished seal (wearing course) can take as little as 5 days to complete, depending on the location, conditions and type of seal.

Using polymers, our alternate soil-stabilization-road-building is extremely successful. We have built roads locally and as far affield as Nigeria and New Zealand. Our process has little need to import the tonnes of material necessary to build a kilometer of conventional road, because in-situ-soil is used for the soil-stabilization layer. Also, with only a depth of 150mm of soil-stabilization necessary, we boast laboratory results that are in line with the road-building standards adhered to worlwide. Not only are the roads built at considerably lower cost, but completion of projects is significantly quicker.

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