Pebble Cladding

Across the world, pebbled products are usually secured to the designated substrate with epoxy resins. 
These materials unfortunately have an inherent problem of yellowing and general deterioration is caused by ultra violet rays over time. Also, epoxy is brittle and commonly cracks when movement occurs. 
Armour Colours’ pebbled products use advanced technology that not only solves the widespread problems at a fraction of the cost, but can furthermore be tinted to any colour. 

Road Building and Mining Sector

Steel Frame Systems

Low Cost & Affordable Housing

  • Contractor Paints
  • Low Cost Screeds
  • Low Cost Plaster (6-1-1)
  • Low Cost Paint
  • Contractor Coatings
  • Crack Filler Jointing Compound
  • Board Sealers
  • Ripple Coat Paints