Armour Guard

  PVA, namely poly-vinyl-acrylate, is manufactured by all and
  sundry. The expensive brands have a high content of PVA
  and the adage is that the cheaper the paint, the lower the
  acrylic content. 

  The rule of thumb is that the lower the price, the sooner the
  paint will fade and chalk. 

  Using the same stable of polymers that Armour Colour uses
  to manufacture our other ranges, it is fair to say that Armour
  Guard looks and behaves like paint and has the highest
  grading that the SABS (Grade 1) can bestow. 

  Armour Colour uses to manufacture our other ranges, it is
  fair to say that Armour Guard looks and behaves like paint
  and has the highest grading that the SABS (Grade 1) can


Unlike conventional PVA, however, no undercoat is required and only 
  two coats need be applied in any colour.


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